The SelectChicago® Deal Flow

The SelectChicago® deal flow steps through a series of US federal and regional Chicago area programs.

We  connect qualified foreign investors with Chicago-area governments, public-private partnerships, and economic development organizations.

We work collaboratively with the SelectUSA program. SelectUSA gives potential investors access to business opportunities from around the US.

Through the our Steering Committee and the GWDC, we help investors and businesses complete the financial and legal steps inside Chicago area.

Our deal flow includes researching and tracking foreign investment opportunities. SelectChicago® helps foreign investors find the project that fits a foreign investor’s budget and financial goals.

Our executive team participates with the investor from start to finish. Contact us to get started.

About the SelectChicago ® deal flow

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Come Tour Chicagoland

SelectChicago® helps foreign investors get to know Chicago real estate and business opportunities. We host overseas investors and lead showcase tours of Chicago property development opportunities (green field and redevelopment sites). We also set up soft landings and connect investors with local know-how. Global investors get a first hand chance to assess industrial, commercial, and residential real estate locations.

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SelectChicago properties for Foreign Direct Investment FDI

Search a map of Chicago area investment opportunities by property type, land size, and building size.

For Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) For Chicago businesses For foreign investors
Investors around the world come to SelectChicago® to get directly in contact with Cities, Counties, and Economic Development Organizations in the Chicago area.

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SelectChicago® facilitates public-private partnerships. Our team taps into the smartest and best-connected analysts, services, and professionals.

Discover how to promote your Chicago area services to international investors.

SelectChicago® helps international businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers establish and expand in the USA.

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