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Chicago Area Investment Opportunities

View available Chicago real estate, commercial, industrial, and residential investment opportunities.

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SelectChicago® gives foreign investors access to Chicago area real estate. Tour Chicagoland property, vacant greenfield, and remodeling sites. Set up soft landings and connect with local know-how.  Evaluate industrial, commercial, and residential real estate locations.

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Host Chicago area investment experts in your country. Expand relationships with intermediaries and get help to identify Chicago real estate and businesses to invest in. Discover wholesale trade, logistics, and workforce benefits in Chicago. Discuss relocation requirements, health care, and education options.

SelectChicago® shares the know-how and opportunities with investors looking to get into Chicago area communities.

Foreign Investment Answers

Contact SelectChicago®. We put Cities, Counties and EDOs directly in contact with overseas investors around the world.

Find information on development and investment benefits. Discuss US and foreign business partnerships, mergers and acquisitions of US companies. Get customized guidance for matching industries, Chicago area services, and US suppliers.

SelectChicago® acts as an intermediary to help connect foreign investors with Chicago-area governments, Economic Development Organizations, and public-private partnerships. We provide local knowledge and relationships to help investors complete financial and legal steps. Click here to learn how the investment process works in the Chicago area.

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