SelectChicago Spotlights North ChicagoSelectChicago spotlights North Chicago in this issue of ‘On the Road’ April. The City of North Chicago is located in Lake County, IL and is considered a suburb of the Chicago metropolitan area. Specifically located on the shores of Lake Michigan between Chicago and Milwaukee, the City of North Chicago is the proud home to Naval Station Great Lakes – the only training command center for The United States Navy recruits and The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center – the nation’s first fully integrated Veteran’s Affairs and Department of Defense entity.

Each year, thousands of people crowd the city to attend Navy recruit graduations, visit prominent Fortune 500 companies like Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie and receive world class treatment from the esteemed Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health CareCenter.  Then there are those that are either longtime residents or transplants that have made North Chicago their home where they work, play and study.

SelectChicago and FDI 201 Workshop April 2019

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is the area’s prominent academic institution that attracts top talent from all over the world. It’s a campus so vibrant that it has been dubbed the academic epicenter of The City of North Chicago.
In noteworthy news, the campus will complete its Innovation and Research Park (IRP) in Fall 2019, which will be the home to BLR Bio, an early-stage biotech firm, which would bring internationally funded research to fibrotic-based diseases.
Mayor Leon Rockingham City of North Chicago

SelectChicago thanks Keynote Speaker of The City of North Chicago, Mayor Leon Rockingham for participating in April’s FDI’s 201 Workshop at Rosalind Franklin University.

 The City of North Chicago is historic. The City has provided over 100 years of municipal service. It is considered an all-American community with a strategic location and world-class businesses and municipal assets which has made it a prime location for a sustained and flourishing future.